Measure the climate impact of transaction data

We make it possible to understand the impact your customers' purchases are having on the climate

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Payments, meet Climate Action

We make it easy to derive emissions data from credit card transactions

Privacy is #1

We don't store any PII on your customers


Easily integrate with our REST API in hours, not weeks


Improve estimate accuracy by building spend profiles

Rich Dataset

We can estimate the emissions from any purchase, yes.. any

Backed by Research

Our models were developed with leading climate research groups

Brand Database

Carbon neutral brand database to reflect responsible purchases

Use Cases

Show users their emissions.

Track & Notify. Show users the carbon footprint of their transactions immediately to drive behavioural change.

A positive feedback loop. Show clients when they made a purchase from a merchant who has a carbon reduction commitment.

Drive adoption of climate-friendly products.

Inspire. With emissions information, customers will be inspired to make changes, including in their portfolios and other banking products.

Cross-sell. Sell ESG funds and other climate-friendly products to engaged customers.

Differentiate your brand.

Differentiate. Leverage Carbon Ledger to build deeper affinity for your brand by embedding your values in your product.

Alignment. 70% of consumers in North America believe it's important for a brand to be sustainable and have environmental commitments - be an early adopter and target these consumers.

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We'll handle the transactional emission data so you can focus on your customers.

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